5 good things

inspired by liz elayne, i want to celebrate 5 good things in my life today:

1. today is the last day of my elimination challenge that i started on 12.28. i did this to discover what foods i have sensitivities to. the results were amazing and the reactions to some of the foods after abstaining were so immediate and obvious. i am really proud of myself for doing this.

2. i am so GRATEFUL for music. right now i am really into:
ray lamontagne
band of horses
flaming lips
shout out louds
madeline peroux

3.cutting + pasting has been such a joy for me lately. the image above is a quick journal collage i did this morning. i love playing with the colors and patterns.

4. i had a really gentle week being back at school. my hope for this semester is to have balance

5. project 365 - i have been really getting into taking pictures with my camera - maybe even a little obsessed? it is another creative element in my life that adds fun and joy.