Coming through the other side


I am coming through a very chaotic, trying and exciting time in my life. In September I returned to school, made a decision with my husband to move across the country (he has already moved and we are living apart temporarily), my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and most recently my uncle passed away.

The reason I need to list these things out into the world is not to despair over, but to acknowledge that I am making it through - sometimes gracefully and sometimes clumsily. Sometimes I am one of those people who wants to know the future and what is going to happen, but today I am so grateful to be more anchored in the present moment. If I would have known that all of those things were going to occur all at once I would have never made it. The other thing I have learned most importantly is to take care of myself no matter what. For me, that it is moments alone, running and finding humor where I can.

My dad is doing really well. He had surgery to remove the tumor and the biopsy indicated that the nodes were clear. I am so grateful for that and just to know that no matter what happens we are all ok.