A week ago today I participated in a portfolio show along side amazingly talented artists and designers. For the last years I have been slowly, but fiercely been working towards a degree in web design. I have been quiet about this area of my life for reasons I have yet to understand, but I am coming around. Really.

I am so grateful for this experience and what I have learned about myself:
That I can absolutely show up and finish what I begin
That I do have worthy talents
That I have an amazing support system (some people don't even know they are supporting - flickr friends inspire me ALL of the time)
That I have choices and possibilities that I never thought of

So for now, I am recovering and playing. Looking forward to what transpires next.
The image above is the homepage of my new website!


sarah ahearn bellemare said...

oh heather! i'm so happy to have found your blog also! i love that you and i have the same ring and same paint stained hands! : )
i'm going to go and learn more about you too... more soon, thanks for saying hi! xo, *s