So lately I have been feeling bogged down with stressful stuff like selling our house {or more like our house not selling} and trying to create our life here in Charlotte. Recently I did an art GIVEaway on Boho Girl's blog and from there things have started to shift for me. Instead of focusing on what hasn't working I have been seeking gentle solutions and visioning BIG for what I want to create in my life.

After reading and hearing so many amazing stories from those who attended Squam workshops last fall, I have felt drawn to that magical place. The opportunity to be play in the woods and be with other creative souls would be a dream. Check out this video:

Recently completing a web design program, I am ready to start putting more energy and thought into where I want to go. I have picked up this book recommended by this talented artist + designer. It is a great guide to freelancing and the author is so witty and fun.

So yesterday morning I cut out inspiring images around community, home and style that spoke to me, great fun! Moving forward, putting my intentions out there, I believe there is magic in THAT!


PixieDust said...

Definite magic, and I'm cheering you on. I too am finding myself on the a precipice and I have to just jump and go for it!

I believe we'll make it, yes?


heather l murphy said...

absolutely yes! thank you and cheering you on as well!