Dear North Carolina

...fall is so wonderful here! This last weekend we made the short drive to South Mountain State Park for a hike and some admiring of your lovely scenery. Shortly after we began our 6 mile or so journey, I felt a "hush" come over me. I felt quieted and in the moment. S said that I seemed at peace with a quiet smile on my face throughout the hike. There were challenges, just when I didn't think I could climb any more hills, you would put on a show for me:

So North Carolina, sometimes I am not sure about you...but then you dazzle me with your southern charm and beauty. Other things I really love about you is how trees end up entirely covered in leaves {from top to bottom and everywhere else} and form beautiful and amazing sculptures.

Here is something fun {not related to NC} that speaks to fall beauty, Andy Goldsworthy, I love, love, LOVE what he does:


Rachael said...

hey heather,
rachael here from MB! :)
the wooden parts of north carolina are simply perfect in the fall... so glad you has the chance to feel their beauty and peace.