So Thanksgiving has come and gone and I have much to be grateful for:

We started out our day off yesterday with 6,000 other Charlotte peeps and ran the annual Turkey Trot 8k. We then had the pleasure of going to two different gatherings of friends to celebrate. I feel like I have been here for such a short time, but have made so many great connections.

I am grateful for baby Matthew who I had the honor of being there as he made his entrance into the world and also to witness the amazing strength and love of his mama was incredible. He is now 8 weeks and a smiling, bubble blowing charmer.

I am thankful for my pets, who give me so much love and laughter everyday. They are in good health and are such a comforting presence in our life. And for my husband, who I can always trust that he loves me even in my not so lovely moments.

I am grateful that I have this time in my life to focus on my art and design business. I want to look back on this time with the knowledge that I took risks and had faith in myself. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I have faith as Jen Lemen says, "Everything is unfolding just as it should."

I am thankful for the smiles and kindnesses of strangers, that I run with a great group of people, for my RAD creative spin instructor who gives so much to us, for sunny spaces in our apartment,
that we eat really well and laugh a lot in our home.