December Daily Days 6-8

December Daily 6

December Daily 6 (2)

December Daily 7

December Daily 8

Again I have to say that this project is SUCH a good experience for me in letting go of perfection. Another thing I love is that it is really allowing the space for me to process my days and to note what truly mattered, rather than focus on all the nonsense and the gremlins that can show up in my head. And most of the time, it's those simple sweet moments that I might otherwise overlook that I am holding on to and noting here.

The other thing that is really helping me is that all of my pages are not about the holidays, just ordinary moments too. This Saturday I am running a half marathon that I have trained and prepared for over the last couple of months and that has my focus right now. And I am letting that take the show for my daily pages for now.

Bless the imperfections, they matter.


Kisiwa said...

Good luck with the marathon. I like your mix of pics and words.