Noticing Color

So spring has arrived here in Charlotte. One of the things I love about living here is all throughout winter you can still spot green all around amongst the grays and browns. But March is a delight because there are blooms all around contrasting with the dullness, to me signifying hope.

I recently took a really great online painting class with Mati Rose McDonough and Lisa Congdon called Get Your Paint On. It was a 5 week course and I learned SO much. As someone who really loves to cut and clue, I feel that I moved beyond my comfort zone and really got into the paint.

One thing I really have been doing since I took the class is noticing color everywhere and documenting it. There are a lot of colors that show up that I am not surprised by at all, like this:

And then there are colors that I am surprised to find like this:

Noticing color

I am so surprised to notice just how much purple is in my wardrobe at the moment!

Also loving these colors: I took this photo while browsing a Barefoot Contessa book at Barnes and Noble recently:

Yum color from a Barefoot Contessa book

Happy Spring to all!