Lost in the woods

Today we went for a walk somewhere new to us and got lost in the woods - so fun! I walked behind my husband Shawn, who was walking our dog Max on the leash. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, it was the sweetest sight! Max's ears flopping up and down as he trotted and kept pace with Shawn. We eventually found our way and it was great to just enjoy the journey. I feel so fortunate to live in Minneapolis where we have so many amazing parks and lakes right in the middle of the city.

A word about my art... lately I have been feeling a bit "lost in the woods" I guess. I have a need to make art most of the time right now, which isn't always the case. Recently, I have had this neutral feeling about it. I haven't really squealed about anything in a while. I am thinking that this should mean something about my art and my life around it. For now, I am going to just let go, not analyze and enjoy my journey.