I have been avoiding my blog for some time now - obviously. I have been trying to decide what I want this blog to mean to me. Do I want it to be mostly a visual blog for my art, do I want to share my own personal musings and developments? Both? I guess I will just figure it out as I go along. If I were to use this as a visual blog only, I feel like I would be hiding and avoiding. But when it comes to writing and publishing my thoughts on a blog I feel so inadequate and unsure about my writing. For today, I am showing up for myself and will remain open to what develops. I was recently reminded on Andrea's blog about that great SARK quote, "be willing to do things badly."


VDog said...

Figuring out what you want your blog to be is tricky. I find mine turning into a photo blog of sorts, when I started out meaning for it to be writing driven.

I enjoy doing the longer text-heavy posts, but they are much more time consuming, and so far, not as rewarding for me in terms of audience participation.

It feels good to complete a piece of writing, but the photos are what get people commenting. Hmph.

I like to shoot for a B or B+ instead of an A, because it is more important to get it done than to have nothing completed because it's not perfect.

Good luck with finding your voice/purpose. I really like your images so far.