Where I am going...

By the end of the summer I decided to take some graphic design classes. I had thought about "trying on" graphic design for years, so I registered and found myself to be a student yet once again. I really found the classes to be intense, often thinking what the hell am I doing here? I remember wanting to be the perfect student and I was intimidated by the amazing talent around me. I realized that in most of my projects I was trying design pieces that were not me at all and what I thought was the trend or matched up with more of my fellow students. On my last few projects for that semester, I put more of myself and my own personal style into my work, which is collage of course! It felt almost effortless and my teachers were thrilled as well. So the semester ended and I started creating art and barely came out of my studio... it just poured out. I knew something has shifted in me because my art really seemed to be at a new level.

So I returned for the spring semester, but I was not the same student. Doing my art was my priority and I somehow fit school in and I did my projects around my artwork. By the end of the semester I felt myself gravitating towards web design, so I am "trying" that on this fall. It would be so great to know that this is the perfect career path for me and that I will continue on to be a web designer, but who knows? Maybe it is the perfect path regardless of where I land. I just keep listening to my wise friend Kari, who always says, "It doesn't make sense, thats why I do it."