Where I have been...

Today was such a nice quiet day for creation. The piece above is one of four new additions to my etsy store. I am always so grateful when I am home on Monday morning. I love all the sunlight shining through my windows and how my cat and dog nap in the light. A little over a year ago I left my 8-5 job to pursue creative pursuits and to live a more authentic life. I had been creating art for a few years and thought for sure once I left my job and had all of this newfound freedom that I would live to make art. My studio remained untouched for months and although this freaked me out, I had to let myself decompress, do nothing. I read this great book and tried to let the new paths of my life be revealed even though I was completely frightened and at times it actually felt harder than being at my full-time job. Next post I will continue my story.