elimination challenge underway

I am at the end of my second day and I am doing well. I was really kind of irritable yesterday, but that has passed for now. I already feel like I have more energy, so much that I organized several drawers and closets in my house. We saw the movie Juno last night, it was fabulous. The writing is incredible and it is just delightful to watch. Usually during my winter break from school, it is the season of movies. I was also so moved by the movie Once. The passion + creativity really moved me. I can't stop listening to the soundtrack!
Today I am inspired by these blogs::
be present be here:: I love her photography + writing. Liz inspires me to take more self-portraits, to be brave.
lisa congdon, art + craft:: I am SO into her art! I love that she is self-taught, has a fabulous sense of composition + color. I can't stop looking at pictures of her new dog Wilfredo, such a sweet Chihuahua. I have never even been into that breed, but I can't get enough of him!