I believe the last time I posted was when the semester began and now here I am again now the semester has ended. My natural thought would be to let this blog go and just forget about it, but I want to demonstrate a willingness to not be perfect and just show up where I am. Wowza! This was my most intense semester yet. I switched to web design instead print and it was a hard transition. I felt lost most of the semester but it came together in the end. I really felt a lack of balance in my life and I would love for that to be different this next semester. I am taking one less class, hoping that will help. I did not create any art after I created for my Pizza Luce show in October. I just started playing with paint and collage today. It feels good, REALLY good! It felt like a really nice gift that I could give myself. I feel so blessed to have such a white Christmas here in Minneapolis. Such a treasure!

I am preparing to do an "Elimination Challenge" to check for food sensitivities. I will be abstaining from wheat, corn, dairy and nightshades for a period of time and then reintroducing them to see what happens. I have waited until I am on my break to do this to really give myself the time and space. I am a bit anxious about this, as I love food so much. I am just getting information and not committing myself to a life of abstinence. I am thinking I might document my experience here.