here we go

i need to say that i am having a hard time writing on this blog. i am critical and not allowing myself to practice and improve my writing skills. i need to stop comparing myself to other people in the blog world.

i am feeling a bit nervous as school starts up again for me tomorrow. i am taking one less class (total of 3). i am wanting to move forward and learn, but i really love having the space and time to play in more creative endeavors. i played alot on this break, not getting some things done on my list, like finishing my own website. which is funny, because i am a web design student. i guess i just really needed the break. my intention is to stay in touch with my blog, even if i just post pictures with quotes or flickr favorites.

today i went cross country skiing for the first time. it was actually harder than i thought! i fell at least 5 times - kinda fun. i noticed that i had a hard time concentrating, whenever i tried to look up at the view, i lost my way. i also just found my mind wandering all over the place. i tried to keep my focus and be in the moment. i listened to the sound of my skiis gliding in the snow, the sound of the poles striking the ground. i feel i did pretty good for my first time.

tonight shawn and i are going to see a play with some friends, this is a good distraction for me as i begin the week with work + school.