Mondo Beyondo Part 2

so this is the part where I put out the universe what I want to draw into my life for 2008 + the things I want so much it is scary to write!

I want more quiet moments and time to connect with Shawn
I want to invite more playfulness into my life
I want to continue to develop my relationship with God, find more about what works for me
I want to run more 5k's in spring + summer with Shawn
I want to support my body to run -- strengh training, massages
I want to keep creating art and going deeper, creating more from my heart
I want to deepen my self-acceptance
I want to dress in a way that makes me feel joy-full
I want my home to reflect my family and feel unique to me
I want to make my own pillows (covers)
I want to get a passport
I want to kayak in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

ok... for the Mondo Beyondo
I want to travel to northern California
I want to travel to Ireland and backpack in Europe with Shawn
I want to feel a passion for life more than I have ever known
I want my art to continue to partially support myself
I want a home in the country on land that I can walk with Max + (my future additional dogs) freely

ok.. Universe I am ready!