I am back...

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So summer is in full swing, well mostly. It has been a really cold spring here. I am just starting to settle in with the time I have available now that school is done until August. Living in Minneapolis, I find that as soon as spring and summer are here, all I want to do is be outside, like ALL OF THE TIME. I am busy gardening, playing tennis and running. I have not been inspired to create much art, usually summer is not my big season for creation, although I want to remain open to inspiration.

So for now I am letting myself be filled up creatively:
  • Flickr Flickr Flickr
  • Seeing Coldplay in July! - so freakin excited!
  • Being in nature
  • Playing, moving my body
  • Reading this and this...
  • And besides Coldplay, listening to this, this and always this