the music behind my he{art}

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Hello July.... I can't believe you are already here!

Ever since the new Coldplay album was released I have thinking about how much music impacts my art. I almost ALWAYS listen to music while creating. There always seems to be a season for a certain CD, like on my winter break I couldn't get enough of the Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles and right now of course, I am listening to Coldplay's Vida la Vida. AMAZING! They are consistenly in my various playlists that I listen to while creating. Have you ever watched them perform? I am always completely taken with Chris Martin and how he expresses himself on stage. I always wonder if there is something holding him on his stool by his piano, he gets SO INTO his music I always think he is going to fly right off, and if he did like he would care! After recently watching them perform on the Today Show, I made the connection that I want to feel connected to my art/process of creating in the way Chris Martin relates to his music and how he performs. There is just something about him!

I listen to a lot of different music actually (not just Coldplay) and had wanted to form a playlist (audio samples) here on my blog, but it is proving to be more difficult than I had imagined. So I will just list a few fun songs I am listening to this week.

Life in Technicolor - Coldplay:: This is the intro to the album. It is mostly instrumental and it has a really great sound.

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes:: I love this song! It has such a sweet melody and just makes me feel like I am in a more simple time period of life. Check out their myspace page here for audio samples.
How Am I To Be - Watson Twins:: Made famous I believe by a collaboration with Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. This is a really great tune for summer, nice for a drive.
Antarctica - The Weepies:: Who doesn't love the Weepies, right? This is my favorite song from their release Hideaway. Here is a link to their myspace page.