trust the ebb + flow

My creation
Well... I am trying to trust the ebb and flow of my life right now. I have been really focused on running this summer, and not so much into creating art. I never knew that I had an athlete inside of me. It feels a bit like a new relationship and all the giddiness and distraction that goes along with it. I am getting practice at not resisting or judging myself for this obsession.

That being said, I really miss the joy that I receive when I am on a roll with my art. I have been feeling fearful and scared that my artist self has vanished and that my new life is going to consist solely of calculating my running time per mile or figuring out what I want my next 5k time to be.

But, for now I sense that I am to trust the ebb and flow of my life. I believe in my heart that my running and art are somehow connected in ways that just aren't being revealed to me yet and that there is room for both in my life.

Do you know Christine Miller? Her blog is filled with her beautiful art, life and writing. Sometimes when I read her inspiring blog I feel I come away with some new insight about my life and also some laughs too. This post in particular has given me new hope this week. I believe she is a creative cheerleader to me and so many others. She is in the process of publishing her new book Ordinary Sparkling Moments. Not to be missed!

Good evening!


Swirly said...

What a lovely compliment...thank you!! Sometimes I feel like the ebb and flow of my life has a little too much flow and not enough ebb, but I'm trying to trust that as well.