My creation

I was reminded recently of the power of gratitude. I try to practice gratitude in my life on a daily basis, but want to mark here in this space.

In this moment I am grateful for:

A roadtrip into the country to visit my parents. I always feel connected and calmed by the fields , the stillness and the simpleness of it all

Running in the woods today and seeing deer all along the way

That I eat really well - summer vegetables and fruit

My husband who always meets where I am at*

My camera - I am so grateful to be able to take picture after picture and feel inspired. I feel as though this is a way for me to express myself creatively when I am not in the "mode" of creating other works

To be a runner among runners - I am grateful to have found a cool group of runners

Birds - When I was driving home yesterday I felt that birds were always with me. They would fly around and around my car - like they were surrounding me. So cool.

How does practicing gratitude affect your life?


braverbee said...

A grateful heart flourishes. This is true for me. It can be for you too! Free online E-course, 30-Days to a Happier Heart, http://www.Beeblesseddaily.com. Receive inspiring quotes and daily gratitude exercises to practice. I encourage you to post any changes that occur in your life.