my beginnings*

The above image is a representation of one of my many beginnings a few years back. It was such an interesting time for me. I was at a job that I knew I wanted to leave to pursue more creative endeavors, but I didn't know how to make it happen. I was doing some coaching work with this superhero and at her suggestion, I started making a collage every other day before work as a demonstration towards the life I was envisioning. The image above is a mosaic of some of my work that I created during that time. I was encouraged to get my work out there and booked two shows. Eventually, an opportunity came up for me to leave my job! In a way that that worked for me financially and that allowed for me to explore other ideas. It has been one of the most trying AND amazing times of my life. I really have no idea how this was all made possible, but I absolutely believe in rituals and demonstrations that speak to dreams and possibilities. And this is such a good time of year to be visioning and thinking about what to invite into your life for 2009! Cheers to that!