There is a wonderful winter storm going on in Minneapolis today. I love the feeling of being "snowed in" - I am a hermit by nature. Yesterday I came across a photo of my mom when she was little visiting Santa - so sweet. Now that my semester is over I am focused on the Holiday and of course moving. I am so grateful to have this time in my home and really be present, I am not thinking as much about how my life is going to be in Charlotte.

We are very fortunate that a moving company is going to pack and move our things for us. In past moves I have felt rushed and just thrown everything together in boxes. Knowing that I don't have to pack it all has taken so much pressure off and allowed the space for me to organize and sift through my things. There are many treasures to appreciate and also there are many things that we are not bringing with us. It feels like we are shedding some things to allow the space for the new. This move is such a big emotional deal for me (of course it is for anyone) and I find that clearing and passing things on is also allowing the space to clear out some unwanted emotional gremlins as well. For today, I am grateful for the opportunity to clear out, stretch and grow.