my intention was to go adventuring without expectations. i drove for an hour and loved the changing weather. i felt the warmth of the sun and then it would rain and I took in the glorious post shower smells of earth and green and repeat, again and again.

I ended up at this antique/junk yard where there were piles and piles of things outside and in. I wandered and wandered, ended up caught in a barn during a thunderstorm where I found many collaging treasures. The owner was adorable...when I went to pay for my finds, I found this bearded man in overalls reading the paper in an old dentist chair. Apparently the property has been in is family for years and they used to raise chickens. Definitely an adventure today....


Larissa Spell said...

I just read about you on Boho's site and fell in love with your work. I too have recently moved to the Charlotte area (from South Florida), I work in Charlotte and live in Mt. Holly (where it is truly peaceful)...was wondering if you remember the junkyard/store you found when you were lost? If so would you be willing to share the name? I am always looking for places to "treasure" hunt..Thanks!

heather l murphy said...

Hi Larissa!
thank you! and absolutely:

link to cline's antiques info

happy treasure hunting, i will have to explore mt holly! :)