dear martin {tn}

and all that is in-between
where I lived from 6 months - years old
thank you for:

  • the beautiful scenic roads, the wildflowers, mountains, hawks, open spaces
  • good food, endless stories, laughter
  • sitting on front porches in rocking chairs
  • family joy and some drama too
  • witnessing sisterhood and connection
  • gracious and generous hosts
  • BIG open spaces, fields that my family used to farm, a million shades of green
  • fireflies
  • visiting homes that I used to live in, the market where I used to charm the owner into free candy
I am so grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with family and to be in the space where I spent 5 years of my life.


Misti said...

I love your blog and the post about adventures and finding new things along the way. (blog hopping from Boho Photography)

heather l murphy said...

hi misti!! thank you for your kind words and for "hopping" over here!