i have been...

{letting go} of the unknown + some art too. It has been a pleasure being a sponsor on Boho Girl's website in the month of June. She is such a sweet and gentle soul, such kindness there

{watching} this sweet movie

{eating} really good food

{listening} to him and him

{grateful} for supportive, wise + fun friends

what have you been up to?

photocredit:: 1. Balloons by Tiara Mia, 2. P061109PS-0111, 3. Ferris Wheel, 4. green party, 5. [E]

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.


Global Butterfly said...

Hi there! I found you on Boho Girl's website. I'm from Charlotte too. :)

Your work is beautiful. Hope our paths cross some day in our shared city...

Global Butterfly said...

OMG, I also forgot to comment that I'm obsessed with Josh Ritter. I didn't think many people knew about him. Too cool! Did you see him in concert a couple of months ago in Charlotte?

PixieDust said...

Your art is beautiful (and your food looks yummy!)

I have been up to re-joining bloggy world, and concentrating on my art... I'm so glad to have met you.



Love Josh Ritter.