Our trip to Wrightsville Beach was all about relaxation and slowing down for me. Which may be an obvious concept for most, but it felt foreign to me! For most of the week we sat at the beach, went for walks and bike rides, sat on the pier and grilled while watching the glorious sunsets.

I loved the place we stayed at, it was built in the 1900's and has been run by the same family since 1952. There are people who have been coming back year after year for most of their lives. I spent a lot of time on the wrap around porch in the hammock reading or on the porch swing. Just what my soul needed, I am so grateful I could do this.

What does your soul need today?


PixieDust said...

My soul needs some fun...


I'm on vacation (though only two hours from home), and we go on "safari" this afternoon. Yup, just what I need.

I'm glad you had some time to relax!


Global Butterfly said...

So happy to hear your vacay was lovely. Wilmington is a fabulous place to get some R&R. As always your collage of pics was beautiful!

My soul needs PEACE. :)