Oh, where to live...

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Hello and happy monday!

Just a mini mosaic of sorts today, but a mosiac nonetheless! So as I have mentioned, I have been taking an online class about dreaming called Mondo Beyondo for the last few weeks. I highly recommend the class, such a great place for connection, support and a safe space for manifesting and getting clear about your dreams and what you want to attract in your life.

Most recently what has come up for me is where I want to live. I am someone who loves both the city and the country, almost equally. One my wishes if to have homes both in the city and in the country.

I love living right in the heart of a city because of all of the culture, buzzing energy, and the uniqueness that I value in the neighborhoods. It is really fun to be a part of an accessible community, how I miss our neighborhood in Minneapolis!

With that being said, for some time now I have had this strong desire to live in the country. My parents have a home in rural SW Minnesota that I love to visit. When I am feeling stressed or like I am going to just come undone, those open spaces of fields and trees calm me in a way that I can't even explain. Nothing else will do! For the last few years I have been collecting images of homes that inspire a visionary living space and most of images reflect a desire to live in the country or at least a more expansive space than I am used to.

For the last 9 months we have been living in an apartment. We had our home on the market for some time and then opted to rent it and look to sell when the market perks up a bit. When our lease ends at the end of the year, we hope to rent a home. So this could be a great opportunity to try country living on and see how it fits for us, but we are new to this city and just starting to meet people and I worry about how isolating that would be. What if I totally hate it and then we are stuck there for a year? And if I hate it, what if that experience ruins the dreamy relationship I have with the country?? What if I love it and my husband hates it or vice versa? I can't tell if this is just my "limited" thinking getting in the way here or not. I am amused at how this sounds as though I trying to decide to take a relationship to the next level, but so scared to take the risk.

It just really helps to say all of this here and I hoping some ideas of how I can further explore this will be revealed.


Global Butterfly said...

Oh wow, what a big decision! I'm a city girl, unless the country home happens to be located next the beach. Sooo, I say stay city, haha! But, there are a lot of cute country homes in your area. :)


heather l murphy said...

andi, hi! well we decided that we were just going to look and explore the idea, sure takes the pressure off!