guerilla art delivery #1

Hello! So I made my first guerilla art delivery Saturday at a local library here in Charlotte. I walked in holding my art tight and close to my chest. Nervously, I scoped the place out and it was actually quite crowded. It was impossible to find a place where there wasn't anyone in my direct line of sight, so I just had to go for it. I ended up that the package fit perfectly in front of all of the Garrison Keillor books. I quickly snapped my picture and then bolted down the stairs.

Once I was downstairs I felt giddy wondering who will find it, loving the idea that I will most likely not know who it is.

Our most recent Mondo Beyondo assignment is of similar nature. The first day we received this great collection of affirmations around our dreams and this weekend our mission is to put those same messages out into the world. It is a pleasure to put such love and hope out there for someone to find. I taped a few in places at the library and inserted some in books too.

I have always been fond of leaving random notes for my loved ones, but this is such a thrill!


Vivienne said...

this is so exciting heather! i'm totally living vicariously through you in this adventure! love it.

so curious who will find it...is there a way they can track you down to let you know or are you just releasing the gift into the world and letting go of knowing where it goes?

Lucrecer said...

Oh, for the love...I, too have all this artwork in my little space and I am not really planning to do anything with it. The thought of sharing it with someone who may really need a boost thrills me senseless.

PixieDust said...

Oh, I couldn't have just run off... I think I would have been tempted to stick around and see who ended up with the package - good for you!


heather l murphy said...

Thank you everyone!

Vivienne: thank you so much dear! on some of the pieces my website is listed and on others its' just my signature. i am so excited to do the next drop off, i wonder if i will be less nervous this time! hope all is well with you!

Lucrecer: you will have to let me know if you try it out, it is a lot of fun, good luck!

hello sweet pixieDust, thank you for all your encouragement!