guerilla art goodness

Hello + Happy Friday!

So lately I have been really inspired by the idea of guerilla art, which I first read about on Keri Smith's website. She has written a great article here about her experiences and offers inspiration to those who want to get out there and play! Most recently I have been joyfully following Christine Mason Miller's 100 Book Project.

The day before my Mondo Beyondo class started I was in my studio pondering my stack of art sitting in my closet that has been with me for some time now. The pieces have meaning to me as I made a lot of them when I was first starting out, just getting brave enough to create on a wood board or canvas. It doesn't fit for me to have some kind of clearance event on etsy to try and sell them, but I am ready to let go of them. What did come to mind was the thought of leaving individual pieces in random places throughout Charlotte! Nothing has felt SO exciting for a long time! I love the idea of letting go and trusting that they will end up in the right hands. There is also that fun, sneaky feeling too! It's also a demonstration for me to put a little more of myself and my art here in Charlotte.

So on Monday, I clicked on someone's twitter link and discovered this Kindess Girl's website. The specific post was about sidewalk messages aimed at kids returning to school that day, so awesome. Coincidence? I think not! That same day I went out and bought sidewalk chalk and wrote my own message. So fun!She has other stories of her "guerilla kindnesses" on her blog, my heart just fills up knowing there are people putting such love out to the universe.

I have 14 pieces total and I hope to document the process, stay tuned. I think there is a guerilla love movement going on!


Brandi said...

hi heather, love this idea! can't wait to see how it goes :)

Vivienne said...

that is so exciting heather! they look fabulous...i'm soo staying tuned!!!

PixieDust said...

You are one brave chickie, and I can't wait to see how this goes!



patience said...

So exciting! I would love to find art as a random act of kindness...very cool. Your post made me smile because I don't know if you know this but Jen Lemen is my sister. I hope you enjoy Mondo Beyondo, I know Jen is really loving the community.

patience salgado

Global Butterfly said...

Oooh, how fun! Charlotte needs something like this. I can't wait to hear more about this. :)


heather l murphy said...

wheeeee! thank you everyone for your kind words and support!

patience: wow, I didn't know that, but not surprising, you both have such sweet and beautiful souls. thank you so much for inspiring me!

Ed said...

I sent you a tweet but I thought I would respond here also. I am a librarian at the Morrison Library and I'd like to invite you to drop a piece off at my library.

Pyxichick said...

Heather, I love this! I used to do sidewalk chalk drawings and poetry and inspirational quotes all the time, until I got in trouble for doing it at the Lake Harriet Rose Garden...

This reminds me of some painted wooden signs I have seen around here lately. The one I saw today says "DREAM MORE" -- Are any of your paintings on board impervious to the elements? If so, consider nailing them up on telephone poles :)