Open for business!


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new business as a web designer. As an artist and designer I truly value working with other creative individuals and businesses. If you're in need of a shiny new website or are looking to freshen up your current space with a redesign, let's connect! It is a pleasure for me to be there every step of the way to help clients meet their online dreams and goals.

At this time I am in the process of building my portfolio and offering to create a custom-built website that represents your own unique personality at an affordable introductory rate, which includes:

Up to 5 pages (ex: Home, About, Portfolio/ Services, News, Contact, etc.) with a contact form and an image gallery to show your lovely work, products, etc.

I can set up your site so that you can update content yourself or offer maintenance services to assist you in updating content as needed.

Here are some screenshots of a recent site that I designed as an example of what I can offer:
Please view the site live here.

Also, please visit my website to view other samples of my work:

Feel free to email me: heatherlmurphy@mac.com for a consultation and please pass this on to your friends, thank you!


Vivienne said...

heather! this is SO exciting. I completely believe that you would exceed my expectations as a designer and totally blow me away with your creative vision (you already do)!

I'm not quite ready for a new site yet, but when I am I will so be calling on you!

heather l murphy said...

Oh, thanks Vivienne! Your kindness is so encouraging!

Julie Lynn Ivens said...

love the photograph of the hand on the mouse~awesome! :) congrats, too!

Lori said...

Heather, that's so great! I love the way you design. I just posted on the good hearted on my blog. I am wishing you the best!

aimee said...

hi, heather - i found you via lori. love your work! and i have that exact same ring!

handmade charlotte said...

I love that image of your hand! That ring is cool and the paint reminds me of my own! Great blog!