{re}defining my sense of home

The last couple of months S and I have been trying to figure out where we wanted to call home as our lease was to expire at the end of this month. We have been so determined to get out of this apartment as soon as possible. The part of town we live in hasn't felt like a good fit and we have missed having a yard and neighborhood to wander in.

So we looked and looked, even found a sweet little neighborhood that felt like home, but couldn't find a home to settle on. It's also a tricky time of year to find a home I suspect, but the time was nearing that our lease was up. Instead of settling, we have now extended our lease! Yikes!

As much as I want to move into a home vs. an apartment, I am grateful that I can wait for the right home at the right time. I went for a walk in the fog this morning, it was so calming and I kept noticing the little drops of dew on branches and how at any second it would trickle down. But at that moment of in-between there is such beauty. The "beauty" of our apartment and community is that we have created what is "home" to us with the space we do have, we are close to good friends and our favorite place to run. So home is temporarily being redefined for us, for now...

How do you define home?


Lisa Erickson said...

Ahh, the heart floating in front of her walking, so magical. Thanks for the reminder that our hearts are more dreamlike than our heads.