1st grader art as seen on display at South County Library, Charlotte


I have been spending considerable (for me) time offline since the beginning of the new year. I was finding that I was trying to fill myself up on reading blogs, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. What I know to be absolutely true for me is that while I find all of these things super inspiring, my true source of inspiration comes from within and from spiritual sources (all the same really). There is room for it all in my life, but I have been needing to make space. I don't believe there are mistakes here for me, I am just expanding my support and resources in new ways.

With that being said, my word for 2010 is expansion (as in limitless)

I know that for me, I have a tendency to want to limit myself and take things away in an attempt to "improve" my life. But what if there wasn't anything to take away? No bad habits to kick? I am proposing to myself that I simply allow the space in my life for limitless expansion, for things to be even better than I could have imagined.

I am loving this quote right now which I read in Sabrina Ward Harrison's "Brave on the Rocks":

"God calls you the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet" by Frederick Buechner


Kate said...

Beautiful idea, Heather. I love it!

Kathianne said...

Expansion....staying open to and making room for all possibilities. That's a wonderful theme for a new year.

Global Butterfly said...

So sorry I've been away for a while! I really should pick a word for every year--I love that idea. I definitely agree with what you've said and how we can always make "space" for things in our life... Good luck with your expansion!