remains of the day {pure experimentation}

So in my previous post I mentioned a journal project. Shortly before I left to go up north for my dad's recent surgery I found this class offered by the fun and talented Mary Ann Moss: Remains of the Day. The videos for the class are fabulous, Mary Ann does a great job of explaining everything and she is so fun to listen to. I listened to her videos many times, great company! I have so many scraps and bits laying around, I can't seem to throw them away. So this class was a perfect way to put together those scraps and create a journal that personal and handmade. Here is a peak at my journal, this was TOTALLY the cure to my emotional hangover! So grateful to Mary Ann, you can view other journal's here.


Vivienne said...

i'd seen these images on flickr today and love that i now know the story of them!

i love the cover!

stephanie levy said...

these are gorgeous heather!!