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Wow, there has been lots happening over here lately! The month of May is bringing a move to a new home (can't even tell you how excited I am about this) , two trips and so on. With much excitement and whirling about, I have been so grateful for the many pleasures (big and small)in my life lately:

  • Finding the right home for both my husband and I, that has just about everything on my wishlist. Photos to come!
  • $5 bouquets from Trader Joes (see previous post)
  • Reading anything by Elizabeth Berg and soon to be reading Katherine Center's new book "Get Lucky"
  • Taking long baths with this lovely bath oil
  • Eating good food, inspired by her + her, both just as lovely as they can be.
  • Oh, I almost forgot...I had fun creating a new banner among a few other updates for this space.
Thank you Universe!


Vivienne said...

loving the new banner and this gorgeous collection of images!

i love that you found the right home for you and all these other bits of goodness too!

heather l murphy said...

Vivienne = goodness galore
Thank you so much!

Pyxichick said...

Heather, I hope you write about your new home. I love coming to your blog for inspiration and respite. Great picture of the rununculus! Those are my favorite flowers to buy :)

Mindy said...

pretty blog!

enjoy "get lucky" it's a wonderful fun read!! i love all katherine center's books :)

stephanie levy said...

I love your artwork and web design heather! so glad to have finally landed on your blog. I LOVE your collage!

Kathianne said...

That rainbow cake is truly a piece of art. Whoa!