oh, hello!

wanna dance?
"Shall we dance?" 8x8" on wood board

Has it really been almost 3 months since I last posted here? Wow, time has gone by fast around here. My life has been really full this summer. I have been interning at Leap Design Studio, grateful to be there and learning a lot about design and such. I hope to soon be able to gain some momentum in obtaining freelance work.

In May we moved into a new home, and have been loving all of the space and the wonderful block we are situated on. Enormous trees, birds, deer and almost every night fireflies put on a light show! I have my first vegetables garden ever, it is amazing to eat something that you grew. Tomatoes taste so much better from the garden, like candy.

My art making has come in very short bursts as of late, including the above piece. I am truly grateful for any creative bursts and love the couple in this piece. Even though this is way before my time, I find that experience of to still be relevant today with people both young and old.


Little Bits of Love Art said...

I love all the texture and color dispersed throughout this piece! I would love see pics of your new home!

stephanie levy said...

gorgeous collage heather! congrats on your new home :)

Pyxichick said...

Heather, check it out, did you know you got a mention in an Apartment Therapy article? http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/chicago/house-tours/caseys-artful-loft-house-tour-121953
But the link they included for you is wrong!

Anyway, still cool that your artwork is mentioned :)

heather l murphy said...

Hi Kate, I know!! That was so cool, I did let him know that link was incorrect, but I am just so honored to be mentioned! :) Happy day to you dear!