First Fig and Creative Commitments

So I have this habit of striking up conversations in the grocery store. Usually its in the produce department, I usually goes something like this: "What do you make with that kind of cabbage?" 

I am participating in Kari Maxwell's May Creative Commitment Challenge  and when I signed on I was thinking I would collage or paint a little something everyday. I was wandering around Whole Foods today when I was reminded of figs. I have been thinking about figs lately and how they seem intimidating – it seems so silly to type that. I had nearly finished my shopping and was over by the wine and beer when an employee asked me if I was finding everything ok. I must have come across as SO random to him when I asked if he had ever eaten a fig before. He happily walked me over to the snack section and confessed that he had only eaten Fig Newtons, very cute. There was another employee stocking shelves right where the bags of figs were. He hadn't tried them before EITHER so he just opened a bag and all three of tried them! Having a huge sweet tooth, I certainly appreciated the sweetness but I wasn't a fan of the texture of the seeds. And then more people came over and shared their their fig knowledge. One woman said that she had a fig tree in her yard and that her dog could hardly wait to eat them. Super fun and unexpected gathering.

I wasn't able to take a good photo in the store because my phone battery died, so I carried the partially eaten fig with me to the register. The cashier was curious about the fig and so I told him that it was my first time eating a fig and he excitedly told me that I just had to try the Black Mission figs in the bulk department.

Even though I didn't care for the fig, I delighted in the experience and conversation that was created around it. I didn't create anything physical today, but the experience at Whole Foods is a creation of sorts I believe and it made me SO happy.


GailNHB said...

You go, girl. Way to reach out and get help with something new.

I'm not a fan of figs or fig newtons. Dates, either for that matter.

I can't wait for us to take a trip to Whole Food together. You can teach me a thing or two about what to do with the foods you buy.