Mama Brain?

Last week I found myself all in a tizzy because I couldn't find my iPhone anywhere. I had taken Graeme to swimming lessons and I thought I had simply left it in the car. Still no phone! So I went home and when I couldn't find it there I used the app that will locate it for you. The little green dot was right at my address, I was SO relieved. But WHERE?

To figure out if it was just wedged somewhere inside my car I drove my car up the block to see if the green dot would move and sure enough it did. My friend Gail pulled up as I was frantically searching and she helped by dialing my number. After 6 calls and much confusion of hearing the vibrating and it just not being there, Gail found it...on the roof (buries head!) Since then I have counted my lucky stars many times that it somehow didn't fall off in my travels. Serious miracle. I immediately told Gail, I have the worst case of mama brain! I have been pondering a lot about that term, is it a label? Insensitive or condescending? Is it ok as long as label myself?

I have had other moments too, where I keep washing my face with the foot scrub (ouch), show up to the dentist without brushing my teeth, and frequently I saunter in to the mens family locker room at the Y.

Do I have Mama Brain? I remember when I was pregnant, any goof I made was excused because of pregnancy brain. Who knows...maybe I do, maybe I am just trying to make it out there as my best self - laughing along the way. Here is what I do know, I am 8 months in to this mamahood journey and I am so thankful for grace, humor and gentleness. This is the most rewarding job I have every experienced, but also the hardest. I am so much stronger than I thought I was. And my husband, just when I think I know the depth of his patience and love - it expands again and again.