A Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad:

Tomorrow marks 3 years ago that you moved on to a much greater place than this earth. I pray and hope that you are happier than you imagined possible and that you know true peace. I am so proud and grateful to you for fighting the brave fight. You were always the strongest person I knew (as long as you had your coffee - haha), but your strength in this process blew my mind. As much as it broke my heart to lose you, I was so relieved and happy for you after such a battle with cancer, but OH how we miss you with all of our hearts.

Dad, I have to believe that you know just how loved you were by so many. It was heartwarming to know that people from your work "family" visited you almost daily. And how our extended family was there every step of the way with us, means the world to me.

One of my favorite stories is about you, Steve and a piece of carrot cake. Towards the end of your journey, it had become difficult for you to do some things like handle silverware. Steve had come to visit you just after lunch time. You didn't have too much of an appetite, but he noticed you eyeing this piece of carrot cake on the tray. He offered to feed it to you, but you refused...at first. After some bantering back and forth you allowed him to feed you that cake. What I wouldn't give to see that exchange – two of the most manly farmer guys that I know. My heart expands every time I think of it.

So much has happened in the last three years. You're a grandfather again! Graeme Robert (named after you) is just about to turn one already. When he was around three months old, I feel like I grieved for you all over again as it has been hard to accept that you two won't be able to experience the typical grandfather/grandson relationship. I see SO much of you in him - he has your long torso and as I look at pictures we see your expressions in his face. I look forward to see what other characteristics of yours he develops.

I know what a worrywart you were, but Mom is doing really well. She misses you like nobody's business, but she is thriving. She has created such a great community in making cards and hosting a club.  Don't worry, I think she only has about 10,000 stamps by now. (Just kidding, Mom) The Snells, Ouarts and friends are always looking out for her, she is surrounded by great care and love. We have the pleasure of her visiting a few times a year. She has become such a techie too! Sometimes I have to call her to ask for help with my iPhone. Who knew, you would be super impressed!

Bob and family are doing well, the kids are all growing into such lovely young people. You would be so proud. Seth has served in the Army, Asa is serving his church on a mission, Joy has just started her first semester of college at UTM Martin. And that most adorable Mary Kate? She is rocking the 8th grade and the piano.

On a beautiful day like today I find myself wishing I could take a ride with you in your truck in the country. Every time I smell freshly mowed grass I think of you and how therapeutic it was for you to mow the lawn. I picture you happy, free and surrounded by your beloved family and pets who have gone before you.

As you always used to say.....

Love always and forever,


J said...

I shed big joy filled tears reading this, Miss Heather. Soooo much love in this expression. I understand completely. He would be beyond proud of his lovely daughter and the beautiful life she has built. Love & Hugs, J

heather l murphy said...

Thank you so much for the sweet words J. You inspire me more than you can imagine. xo!