Dear Graeme//Month 11

Dear Graeme:

Happy 11 months my sweet boy!

Out of all the books we've read about parenthood, YOU have been our best teacher Graeme, Yes, YOU! You have taught us what really matters about being parents (to us.) Being present (putting the phone down) and seeing the magic in your eyes at new discoveries. Last month you had your first swing ride. There was so much joy to experience - so many laughs and squeals. I took enough photos to fill an entire Shutterfly book.

You know something else I really love about you right now? You smell like strawberries and Cheerios everyday. Besides the top of your head it is one of the best smells ever. I want to bottle it up to have forever.

You and I are in a great groove right now. We eat breakfast together, I love that I am making oatmeal for 3 these days. Food is fun part of our day, you are quite the enthusiastic eater. When you 've had enough you do the windshield wiper thing and Maisy is always waiting patiently to benefit. Sweet potatoes, strawberries, raspberries and meatballs of all kinds are current favorites. You are napping really well twice a day and I think (knock on wood) that you are starting to enjoy child watch at the gym. Those gals truly adore you.

Sitting still is just not an option for you right now unless you are sleeping of course. One of your favorite games is chase. You crawl super fast and then sit up to make sure I am coming after you and then you squeal and take off again. You love the thrill of the chase. You are also obsessed with turning on the tub faucet (cold) and trying to run your hands through the water. You definitely keep your mama on her toes.

Daddy is your number one person these days. As soon as he comes home you squeal, bounce and wave your arms wildly about. Just as it should be (I sigh a little bit as I type this sentence.)

G, I worry sometimes that I am not teaching you enough about the world. But what I DO know is that you are a happy, healthy and adventurous little boy. However, I must confess that I had to Google how to Patty Cake.

Love Forever,