the goodheARTed*

Now that I have finished school, I am finally putting my self out the world a bit more around web design. My vision is to work with artists to create web sites that help them to sparkle and invite their users to get to know both the artist and their work more.

The image above is one of the final projects I did before graduating and it is my favorite! I am SO grateful for the artists involved and their generosity in participating. I am considering expanding the site and love the idea of continuing to work with artists I love and also to meet new artists to squeal over! Be sure to check out the site live here . So many talented lovelies!


Elizabeth said...

I was bouncing around artist blogs and found yours - and checked out the goodheARTed site. Just wanted to say how much I love it. Really highlights their work - and the site itself is gorgeous. :)

heather l murphy said...

hi elizabeth! thank you - SO appreciate your kind words!