Finding My Style

The most creative actions I have taken since having Graeme have been such tiny ones, but all that matters to me is that my artist self is fed and I am learning that it doesn't always mean with my paintbrush or scissors.

Doing things like getting a picture framed or even putting together Graeme's outfits are little creative acts that keep my juices flowing. I feel like it has been good to have some time away from the studio to reflect and fill the well. I trust that I will cutting and pasting again soon enough.

 I have been thinking a lot about how my style has evolved over the years. I started out by collaging post cards every day about 7 years ago. I tend to love both a minimal and busy abstract look. In the piece above, I feel like there is actually a balance - there is open space, messiness and scribbles.

Do you ever notice how favorite paint colors pop up in your living space or wardrobe? Here are a few images from my home that have colors that I LOVE to paint with:

  1. Duvet cover from West Elm
  2. Thrifted canisters
  3. Lampshade from Target
Do colors from your paint palette show up in your everyday life?