Dear Graeme// Week 22

Dear sweet Graeme:

It is hard to believe that you are nearly 6 months old. Hello Mr. Personality. The big deal around here has been solid foods. Your first solid food was avocado. You seemed to go back and forth between liking it and making goofy faces of dislike. However, when we introduced sweet potatoes, you are BOSS of the spoon, making it clear you are a huge fan. I feel like we have some of our best conversations during your meals. Really though, it's me making fart noises and you giggling.

You are definitely exploring your surroundings by way of putting anything and everything into your mouth. Your favorite things to put in your mouth right now are your feet, best toys ever. You communicate excitement through the cutest pterodactyl noises. And always the loudest when we are at restaurants, which lucky for us most people around us find it just as adorable as we do.

This past Saturday after our run on the greenway we met up with our running friends at Panera, you were adored by several "Grampa-ish" men and were held by our dear friends John and Duncan. It is completely heartwarming to see you interact with them and that you have those Grandpa figures in your life. We would give anything for you to be able to meet your Grandads, but we believe they are connected to you in some way, some how.

My love for you expands everyday - I cannot imagine my life without you, I am so grateful that you chose us as parents.

Big Love to you always,