It All Started with a Perrier

I am someone who is REALLY into sparkling water. Like the title of this post says...it all started with a Perrier. Up until about 4 years ago I was a die hard diet soda addict. Like 6 cans a day, yes 6. I started out with diet coke in high school and became quickly hooked. I mean really, 0 calories and I preferred it to the sugary regular sodas. As a chronic dieter in high school and college (that could be a whole series of posts), I was all about quantity so the sky was the limit! Until I gave it up I really didn't think caffeine affected me, because I would drink it until right before I went to bed. Although I love the smell of coffee, I have never been a fan of drinking it, so I justified that diet soda was my coffee.

I think around age 30 I discovered Diet Dr. Pepper, affectionately known by many as DDP, even my doctor said in his friendly tone, you should really cut back on the DDPs. Have you ever tried it? It is SO good, it's like there is crack in it.

Enough about my crack soda, about two years before I quit drinking soda I was offered a Perrier (with Lemon - very important) at a salon while getting my haircut. It was so refreshing and I remember thinking, I could totally be into this. It's the carbonation that I love. But I went back to my old ways despite attempts to quit or cut back on the diet soda.

Fast forward....about four years ago I was aware that there was one soda left in the box. I decided then and there it would be my last. When I was ready, I was READY. I am not in any way saying that it wasn't hard and that I didn't miss it. There were a lot of head aches and cravings. I happened to remember that Perrier from the salon and started drinking those. It was crazy expensive, but I didn't care because my health was worth it.

I have since found alternatives to Perrier, I really love Trader Joes Lemon and Orange sparkling water flavors and Whole Foods has some great choices too. Try the Strawberry and the Citrus Blend.

I am so blessed that whenever I go to a lot of my friends homes, they always have sparkling water for me. I even packed several bottles to take to the hospital when I was pregnant.

For the record, I have nothing against drinking diet soda. I do think those artificial sweeteners are BAD news, but diet soda was the only thing I was drinking. Sometimes even after I run I would pop open a can. I cringe when I think about that. Yikes. 

Cheers to healthier addictions!


kari maxwell said...

cheers! LOVE this post!