Dear Graeme//Week 23

Dear Lovie:

Oh my! How I could stare at those eyes all day.

So the big deal around here this week was peas. You tried them, it wasn't pretty. I thought it was going ok. You usually make a funny face with the first bite of food, no matter what it is, so I thought you were cool with the peas. Your faces kept getting more intense and then (poor thing) you gagged and then threw up the peas.

You are in good company though. There is long history with peas and boys in my family. It started with your Uncle Bob when he was a baby, he could NOT stand peas. I believe his initial response was an ewwww face, not unlike yours and possibly some gagging.

It followed him all growing up too. Our Uncle Tommy played a trick on him one year during Christmas, he had this HUGE gift under the tree for your Uncle Bob. Your Nana said that when he saw that box under the tree he was so excited that his eyes were as round as saucers. The excitement grew and grew, and on Christmas Eve he finally got to open the box only to find a CAN OF PEAS! Of course he actually had a really fun gift put aside for him, but the look he must have had on his sweet face. Nana has a picture somewhere, we must find it.

Nana also swears that if she ever needed to get your Uncle Bob's attention, she would shout PEAS and he would automatically gag out loud. Poor kid, huh?

We are so grateful for your love, joy, light and laughter you bring to our lives sweet boy.

Big Love,