Dear Graeme//Week 24

Dear Graeme:

Hello sweet boy of mine. We are nearing the 6 month mark and I can hardly believe it. Your personality continues to grow and expand, as does our connection and bond. There are times when I wonder if I am fully equipped for this gig, and at the perfect moment you give me a look that says, "you've got this mama."

You are absolutely nuts for "Itsy Bitsy Spider", we cannot sing it enough. You squeal with laughter and then I do too because your laughter makes me SO happy G. It is the cheese to my macaroni. You are exploring more and more with your hands. Right now you are really into faces, I marvel at all of your wonder and curiousity. Oh, and my hair, you pull, pull, and pull my hair - ouch! But I feel the love in it nonetheless.

We have determined that when you are happiest your arms flail about, and when you are flustered your legs move about. You have this kick with your right leg, I hear the thud on your mattress when I know you are awake from you naps. I always wonder how such a big sound can come from someone so little. Strong baby G legs!

Every week we venture off to music class, and another endearing thing about you is that when all of the other babies are quiet you are making loud pterodactyl noises. I feel like it's an expression of contentment and excitement for you - so much fun.

Food, you love sweet potatoes and pears. But even with the first bite you still make a funny face as if the the first time you were trying it. And then you eagerly eat the rest.

Oh sweetie, I am SO grateful you are our little baby boy. Love and smooches.